The Significance of a Good Sleep for Your Health


Your wellbeing and health are dependent on how well you sleep. There are numerous benefits of getting enough good quality sleep. The personal safety and quality of life result in protecting your mental and physical health.

What happens when you sleep?

The body temperature, breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure are reduced when we sleep. It carries out processes that lead to physical growth, restore daytime mental functioning, laying down memory and keeps the brain active. The proper sleep plays a vital role in these procedures.


  • Controlling the blood glucose levels and regulates the weight and appetite.
  • Stimulating growth and repairing tissues in the children.
  • Keep the blood vessels and heart healthy.
  • Restore the memory and control functioning of the brain.
  • Keeps the immune system working.
  • Control the temperature of the body.


What are the ideal sleeping hours?

During your lifetime, the duration and type of sleep changes. Taking the proper sleep is quite necessary for the human body. Here is the list based on the recommended amount of sleep in a day for the different age groups.

Adults 65+ years (seven to eight hours)

18 to 64 years (seven to nine hours)

14 to 18 (eight to ten hours)

6 to 13 years (nine to eleven hours)

3 to 5 years (ten to thirteen hours)

1 to 2 years (eleven to fourteen hours)

Infants (twelve to sixteen hours)

Not Getting Enough Sleep Results in

Your sleep loss adds up if you regularly are not getting enough sleep. Many types of chronic health issues can have a bad effect on your health with the increase in age. You may have a problem like anxiety and depression, chronic health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, a car accident, lack of sex drive, relationship problems etc.

We can live without food and water but not the sleep. The human body requires a certain amount of sleep that must be taken in any situation. Secondly, the sleep timings also matter a lot to keep the mind healthy and fresh. Night time is the best and preferred if you want a healthy lifestyle. There is no substitute for a sound sleep because this is one of the core needs of your body. The lack of sleep can even cause death and there are no two views about this fact. You are already starting the next day at a disadvantage if your body doesn’t get a chance to properly recharge. These are the drawbacks of not getting enough sleep.


  • Craving more junk foods (which is not a healthy option for your body).
  • Facing difficulties in making decisions and remembering things.
  • Feeling depressed, irritable and drowsy.


Make sure that you are not diagnosed with insomnia. Consulting to the doctor is highly recommended if you are confronting issues in sleeping properly. The diet and mental stress are also responsible for the lack of sleeping problems. Therefore, pay attention to eat healthily and go for a morning walk too for the better outcomes.

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