Essential boxing tips for beginners

In a sport as tasking as boxing, there is nothing as important at first learning and becoming well acquainted with the basics before progressing to an advanced level. Everyone that is a professional now had to go through the basics at one point or the other. This article would be touching on the essential tips beginners have to keep in mind. These tips are very helpful and can go a long way in making the early learning stages of the sport less brutal. They are easy to follow and can to a large extent improve your game so if you’re looking to get into boxing, before registering for that boxing lessons, you should have some of these tips in mind.

  1. Put the necessary things in place

There are some things you have to put in place to boost your performance levels in the boxing ring as a beginner. One of these things is getting the right boxing gear e.g. punching bags, punch mitts, body protectors etc. For the maximum results, it is important that you also take care of your body. One way to do this is to drink plenty of water and make sure to stay constantly hydrated. As a beginner, during training, you would lose fluids a lot through sweat so it is advisable to make sure that you constantly replace these lost fluids during, before and after every training session. You should also watch your diet, train consistently, prepare adequately mentally and keep working on your techniques. Remember, no good thing comes easy!

  1. Control your Breathing

In boxing, it is not just breathing to get oxygen, it is also breathing to avoid getting hurt. It is important to learn to breathe through the nose during boxing as doing this keeps you protected in case you are injured on the mouth during the course of the match. Not breathing properly during a match would leave you getting tired easily. Learning and mastering the proper breathing techniques during your spare time is also important so you would not be distracted during a match by your breathing.

  1. Always target the body

Most beginners usually overlook this very important tip as they are of the opinion that a knockout blow is the most important move to make during a match. The importance of learning this tip from the beginning stages till it becomes deeply ingrained in you cannot be over emphasized. Body shots can come in very handy when you want to temporarily distract your opponent and give you a window of opportunity to protect yourself from any incoming shots. Floyd Mayweather for instance always makes sure to deliver repeated body shots to leave the opponent in total pain for the most part of the match.

  1. Let your punch pack power

A power-packed punch is one that is dependent on your timing, accuracy, and ability to transfer power to the punch. So basically, to deliver a power-packed punch, you should be able to transfer the appropriate amount of power, speed and weight needed to the arm at the right time. A power punch mostly lays in your ability to put as much body weight as much as possible behind the punch to stun and knockout your opponent.

The only way you can master all these techniques and the others you would still have to learn is by practicing consistently and in no time, the student would become a master!

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