5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Personal Trainer

There’s no doubt about it; maintaining a regular workout routine with the help of a fitness coach is good for you. The decision you’ve made to exercise and get fit is the right one. Congratulations for the big step! Now, what you need to do next is finding a fitness center and hiring a personal trainer to help you get started. Personal trainers or rather fitness coaches can be a great asset as they can help you improve your strength and fitness gains. Furthermore, sticking to your workout routine won’t seem like an uphill task anymore.

It’s also important to note that a personal trainer will help you create achievable fitness goals and strategies as they even take you through the exercise program. Since you’ll be investing your time, money, and trust in a personal trainer to guide you, you don’t want to make the wrong choice or make mistakes. Here are tips to help you make a sound investment in your fitness success.

Do they have the Right Credentials?

After determining your goals, you want to work with a fitness trainer who’s not only experienced but has expertise in your area of focus. This is where credentials come in. Do they have fitness certification in their specific area of expertise? There shouldn’t be any ‘buts’ or ‘ifs’. Certification simply shows the trainer has met certain competences and standards of professionalism to perform whatever they’re doing. Their credentials should be from a trustworthy institution.


While your personal trainer might have the expertise and experience you’re looking for, if they cannot establish a connection with you at a personal level, things might not work well. This might not just be a good fit for you. They should be able to push your buttons. You, therefore, want to know what motivated you. The point is to get a feel of the trainer’s style and see if this works for you.


A personal trainer’s competence and expertise can be judged from the results they’ve delivered over the year. Ask for proof to see success stories from past clients. Whether your goal is to lose weight or add muscle, you want to talk to past clients and see if the trainer has had success in your area of focus. You don’t want to play guinea pig. Go for a grainer with proven experience.


Does the trainer consider him or herself a jack of all trades? Do they specialize in a specific area of training and fitness? Depending on your fitness goals and strategy, you should consider working with a trainer who specializes in your area. A trainer with specialty in whatever you’re working on is likely to have more expertise and be more passionate about it. Ultimately, reaching your desired goals won’t be a problem.

Cost and Availability

What are their hourly rates? Well, the cost might vary from one trainer to the other and will often depend on experience, location, specialty, and certifications. With your budget in mind, find out how much they will charge you for every session. Also ask if there are any discounts for clients who buy in bulk.

When it comes to exercise and working with a personal trainer consistency is important. You should find out if they are available. Are you supposed to make advance bookings? Can a client make up for missed sessions? Do they allow for any cancellations? These are some of the questions to ask.

In conclusion, there are other factors you need consider before you choose a personal trainer including reputation, location, and liability insurance. The idea is to raise all your concerns and make sure you’re completely satisfied before investing your time and money with a personal trainer.

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